An Interview with AIG CEO Jason Garber

On the 28th of June 2017 CEO Jason Garber gave an interview about his company Advanced Interactive Gaming in Monaco.
How is the growth of the mobile market driving opportunities for AIG?

AIG understands that the games market is consumed in many different ways. It is clear that the mobile market is growing at breakneck speeds and is opening the games industry to a whole new audience.
The mobile market can be an extremely rewarding market but also brings its own dangers. AIG acknowledges and evaluates both opportunities and pitfalls and makes the decision to develop a game on this risk analysis. Every mobile project is evaluated on a variety of values and reward is one part of it.
The opportunity we see is that games are not just confined to the same old genres but many, many more. The new audience likes a plethora of games with different designs. It means for AIG that even ideas that normally would not work in a game, could work in mobile because consumption on mobile is completely different. A mobile title not has to combat other mobile titles, but also life itself for the attention of the player.
So setting the right atmosphere paired with good gameplay mechanics is key. This is the challenge. Finding a game that reaches the mobile audience and gets rewarded financially.

How would you describe how AIG's approach is different and perhaps offering a more favorable risk/reward than other companies in the industry?

Every proposition has the same predicament. Can we sell it to the audience? Is the proposition of the game one that would meet the demands and needs of a consumer. This means that we are always looking at the game from a commercial point of view for rewards and an artistic/game design point of view for acceptance by the audience.
I am not certain this is different from other similar companies but we take pride in finding games that will resonate with the audience at the right time to garner sales.

The risk/reward we offer to developers is based on the fact that we know as developers previously how much work and effort goes into developing a title. We have a certain reward we seek for the investment and are very generous and willing to discuss royalty percentages with our developers. We also offer advice and assistance in all other matters when it comes to development, marketing, production and sales of the title.

How do you select your titles?

We have a vast network of people that know we finance, develop, produce and market titles. From the many propositions, we look for the ones that we reckon have a chance for success on the development side and of course the sales/marketing side. We also look at genre/market/platform opportunities that may arise in the future.
We do not think we can compete with large FPS or MMORPG titles, simply due to the budgets and IP involved. But when it comes to gameplay, we are willing to take up the glove with anybody. Thus the selection of titles is a matrix of values and risks we want to either see or have answered and if there is a marketing opportunity when the title gets released.

Management's deep experience and success is a major plus for AIG. In what way does the Company leverage this experience?

We have all made the mistakes in the past as a developer/publisher that some of the companies we work with still have to make and will make. Some developers are of course better at avoiding the regular pitfalls, but our experience means we can help them actively in avoiding them and pointing them in the right direction when it comes to business dealings and development/publishing issues.
We feel that with our experience we can spot a good team and coach them to get even better.

Why are the next 12 months likely to emerge as the breakout period for AIG?

The remainder of our first slate of games will be released and we will commence the second part of our portfolio. This means that a lot of the hard work we put in over the last months/years will finally come to a fruition and return investment and allow us to further expand the portfolio.
This will enable a growth of our company that will allow many great games to be developed by excellent developers that will reach an audience who will enjoy our games! I would say that is pretty exciting stuff especially since we will be adding new genres and just overall greatness to the portfolio!