Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. was founded in 2016 following several years of planning, with a mission to bridge the gap between investors and developers, producers and publishers. Our aim is to structure creative financing solutions, which accurately reflect project risk and maximize returns for our shareholder. Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. tailors the most appropriate funding model for its partners – ranging from prototype finance, development funding and equity finance through to debt, invoice discounting and credit-based lending.

Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. has a specialist management team incorporating expertise in development, production management, marketing, sales and distribution in the interactive entertainment industry. We are platform agnostic and not genre specific. We look for developers with passion, skill and great marketable game ideas. We want to ensure that both Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. and the developer will reap the rewards once those great ideas are realised.

We have developed a proprietary risk management system using industry sales data together with in-depth production and sales channel knowledge to enable companies to assess the potential of individual projects whilst optimizing the risk/reward profile of their product portfolio.

Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. is committed to providing far more than just money. Our outlook is based on the assumption that it takes more than financial support to make great products and games, and we can offer an entire package of services to help add value to our investments, providing a true partnership in the delivery of great entertainment.