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Who are we?

Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. is a video gaming company that facilitates game development and publishing through their extensive and well established connections with financiers, game developers and digital publishers.

What do we do?

Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. is an interactive entertainment company focused on the mobile and console/PC gaming market. The company aims to facilitate the development of a catalogue of highly successful cutting edge games, and bring them to an ever increasing handheld gaming market of 48 million users worldwide.

Why us?

Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. has a core management team comprised of highly skilled professionals from the games industry and world of finance, with invaluable experience spanning several decades, and renowned success in their respective fields. Used to working on an international stage they will always deliver exceptional results.

Where to find us?

Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. is based in Bermuda.


Our Work and Most Recent Projects

Here is an overview of the projects we are currently working on. If you have any questions about these, please feel free to contact us at: info@advintgaming.com.

A light-hearted, aesthetically rich VR fishing game walking the line between engaging VR simulation and meditative free-form experience. Dense but highly interactive environments and a striking art style give players... + continue reading
Worbital is a colorful and exciting real-time space artillery game, with a heavy dose of planet-shattering weaponry and cosmic chaos Worbital will be available on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in ... + continue reading
A turn-based strategy title on a galactic scale. Players build their defenses and develop their planets to wage interplanetary war on their enemies and fire massive artillery through the unpredictable gravitational... + continue reading
Carmageddon: Crashers is the next step for the Carmageddon brand, bringing the unique blend and experience that is Carmageddon to the iOS and Android platforms. It offers the players a similar motoring mayhem... + continue reading
Carmageddon: Max Damage is both a homage and sequel to the original 1997 PC game Carmageddon and its 1998 follow-up, Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now. The titles were a unique combination of vehicular combat, racing and... + continue reading
fog of war logo
A dialogue driven cinematic adventure game set in and around the historic events of World War 1. Most wargames nowadays focus on the actual war and killing, TFOW does not.This is a story about a 14 year old caught in an... + continue reading

Market Analysis

Information on the global mobile & gaming market

Some U.S. Data 63% of U.S. households are home to at least one person who plays  video games regularly (3 hours or more per week) Average age of players: 35 73% of all gamers are... + continue reading
The video games industry has developed various business models that have facilitated the rise of the number of consumers enjoying games today. One of the most successful in the mobile market is the Free-to-Play model,... + continue reading
The market for video games has diversified significantly in recent years, hugely due to the price and accessibility of games on handheld devices. With game concepts becoming more varied as the market develops, nowadays... + continue reading
Content is key. The game must be engaging, playable, and ideally feature something that keeps players returning to it, whether this be ‘rewards’, additional content, competition with others, or iconic characters.... + continue reading
Mobile gaming is on the rise, it's one of the fastest growing digital gaming sectors and by 2017 is expected to grow to a $29.6bn industry, accounting for 34% of the global gaming market. In the USA alone, 90% of adults... + continue reading
Revenue from games, particularly mobile gaming, is increasing Gaming is taking over the entertainment industry. In recent years film industry revenue has flat lined at around 10$ billion a year, whilst sales of games... + continue reading

About AIG

Our philosophy is based on the shared beliefs and attitudes of our group of industry veterans. The philosophy subdivides across the disciplines: Team, Investors, Publishers, Developers.

The Management team at Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. comprises of project finance and investment professionals and senior executives from the games industry. Our aim is to structure creative financing solutions which... + continue reading
Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. was founded to capitalise on the countless investor opportunities that currently exist in the worldwide video games market. This truly global industry is predicted to swell from $52.5Bn... + continue reading
With every project we look for the right partners in all areas. Our shareholders are interested in a sound financial return, so finding the right publisher is critical. The distribution network and market awareness... + continue reading
At Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. we seek to work with the best creators, originators and innovators; developers who are at the very core of the industry. Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. are committed to support and... + continue reading
Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. was founded in 2016 following several years of planning, with a mission to bridge the gap between investors and developers, producers and publishers. Our aim is to structure creative... + continue reading